AbsopulseAbsopulse was established at Canada in 1982. Absopulse switch-mode power supplies are used in various applications of rail transit systems, industrial automation, maritime industry, military, mining, telecommunications, renewable energy systems and electrical vehicles, by means of their design which performs under heavy duty operations with high safety.

SemikronSemikron was established at Germany in 1951. Semikron is one of the leading companies in the world in terms of power electronics, standard power semiconductors and custom made solutions and systems with their 3600 employees, headquarters at Nuremberg/Germany and production facilities at Germany, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Korea, Slovakia, South Africa and USA.

AmantysEstablished in 2010 as a privately-funded power electronics company, the Amantys vision is to transform the design, implementation and control of power electronic converters and systems.Our products deliver a scalable, cost effective solution to meet the challenges of designing reliable and efficient power conversion in medium and high voltage applications. Headquartered in Cambridge UK, Amantys has a team of engineers experienced in all aspects of digital control and power electronics.

LMY Beijing LMY Beijing is a company from China, producing IGBT and MOSFET drivers.